Europe-wide network activities

The Healthacross Initiative represents Lower Austria in the following EU networks

    WHO Regions for Health Network (WHO RHN)

    The network was established in 1992 and covers more than 30 regions in the WHO European Region. The aim is to collect, exchange and implement innovative approaches to improve the health and well-being of the population at regional level. Over the past three decades, support has been given to the development and implementation of various regional health policies to prioritise equal opportunities and strengthen the health of each individual. Strategic collaboration between subnational actors complements work on health and well-being at national level.

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    European Regional and Local Health Authorities, or EUREGHA for short, is a network for regions that want to exchange and develop in the field of health and social services across Europe. The Brussels-based network aims to ensure the best possible integration of local and regional perspectives into EU health policy. EUREGHA also supports cooperation between its member regions, the institutions of the European Union and with pan-European health networks dealing with public health and healthcare.

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    euPrevent is an euregional network between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany focusing on health promotion, prevention and patient empowerment. Lower Austria has been following the work of euPrevent since the beginning of its cross-border efforts and has been an honorary member of the board since 2014.

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    The European Region Danube-Moldova (EDM)

    The European Region Danube-Moldova (EDM) is a trilateral working group of the seven partner regions Upper Austria, Most- und Waldviertel in Lower Austria, Lower Bavaria with the district Altötting, Upper Palatinate, Pilsen, South Bohemia and Vysočina. It aims to develop cooperation for the benefit of the people, to strengthen the regions and to implement the European ideas. The Initiative “Healthacross” of the Lower Austria LGA represents Lower Austria with the theme of health in the European region Danube-Moldau.

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