Bridges for Birth (B4B)

The INTERREG V-A SK-AT 2014-2020 project "Bridges for Birth" had the aim to establish a partnership between the Hospital of Hainburg and the Children's University Hospital Bratislava in order to further strengthen the care of newborns in the border region. The National Institute of Children's Diseases Bratislava is located about 16 km away from the Hospital of Hainburg. Approximately 700 children are born in Hainburg every year, with the proportion of Slovakian mothers showing an upward trend.

In rare cases, the newborn must continue to be cared for after birth or certain values must be additionally clarified. Since the Hospital of Hainburg does not have a paediatric department and is therefore not equipped for neonatal emergencies, these are either transferred to the Hospital of Mistelbach 74 km away or to another Austrian hospital. In the "Bridges for Birth" project, an additional alternative, namely the transfer from the Hospital of Hainburg to the nearby National Institute of Children's Diseases in Bratislava, was examined and clarified. On the basis of such a neonatal transfer, the cooperation between the emergency services will also be further strengthened.

As part of the project, four neonatal transfers were carried out from the Hainburg Regional Hospital to the nearby National Institute for Children's Diseases in Bratislava. Furthermore, the so-called Cooperation Agenda 2020, which identifies the most important potentials for cooperation and contains short-, medium- and long-term goals for the continuation of cross-border cooperation, was developed in order to create a long-term cross-border health care system between Lower Austria and Slovakia. Proposals for the necessary legislative changes and a draft framework agreement on cross-border cooperation in the field of medical emergency services were presented. A procedural manual was developed, tested in trial transports and then continuously improved and adapted.


June 2018 bis October 2022

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